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Canine Biosciences Ltd

Canine Biosciences Ltd

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Canine Biosciences ambition is to deliver outstanding pet food, medicines and accessories with a competitive price to meet all your pets needs and requirements. Our fundamental goal is to create a positive environment to enhance the life quality of pets with maximum satisfaction to their owners.

Since our conception in 2015, the goal is simply to provide the utmost quality products and services to the Kenyan and East African Market for Companion Animals. Our main aim to improve the health and welfare of companion animals (dogs, cats and horses). As we strive to be innovative within this important field. We will continue to bring in Novel and Innovative products for Pet Food and Supplements from across the world that will meet our high standards.


Website: www.caninebio.co.ke

Address: P.O. Box 25475-00603 Lavington, Kenya


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